Can't type in English for definition

I’m trying to do my reviews for the evening and it’s automatically converting my typing to hiragana even for the definition questions. Is this happening for anyone else?


Looks like a refresh fixed it but it was super weird.

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I don’t know how this would have been fixed refreshing the page, but do you have a Japanese IME enable on your PC?

Yes, and I turned it on and off to make sure that wasn’t the cause.

Ok. Sometimes I accidentally have it switched and thought that might be your issue.

It’s definitely happened to me too a bunch of times. It was the first thing I thought of :stuck_out_tongue:

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Edit: nvm, I looked at your level

Do you have any script installed?

This has happened to me as well a couple times, it goes away on refresh so I haven’t been able to check if it might be caused by a script


what scripts do you have running?

I have wanikani openframework, double check, and reorder omega

@rfindley @Kumirei any known bugs like this on your side?

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Not that I’m aware of, though I wouldn’t rule it out. I think I’ve seen reports of WK itself having this problem without any scripts running, though it was relatively rare.


I don’t know of any existing bugs, but I believe it could possibly happen if something goes wrong when setting the question type. For example I think question type has to be set before current item, and if you mess that up something like this might happen.

OP you could try turning off the back to back and priority features of Omega if you have them enabled

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I can confirm that this doesn’t appear to be related to reorder omega, it happens even if I turn it fully off


Happened to be a couple of days ago, just refreshed and it was OK. Now it’s happening more frequently on my work laptop. No addons, using Opera.


Time to ping the @Mods then

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Could you test it out on Chrome, Firefox or Safari (with no scripts of course)? And what OS version + browser version are you using? We do have a few other users who reported something similar just over the weekend and will need a bit more information.

I have been experiencing this bug and also have been using open framework and double check. This was running on Chrome.

We’ve had someone say clearing their cache fixed the issue. @StrixVaria @Laskofil Could you try this and let us know if it changed anything? I would try turning off all scripts or using browsers without scripts + double checking your own keyboard input just in case one more time! In the mean time, we’ll open up a ticket.

Could you try your reviews without any scripts on so we can see if this is a specific script-related issue or not?