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I reconfigured my system, and, somehow, I forgot to re-install Japanese fonts. My system ended up using Droid Sans Fallback, which makes the kanji look totally different. Is this the Chinese way to write kanji, or is it just another way to render the kanji?


It could just be a different style. You can look at the kanji in this picture and see if they look Chinese.

Edit: 累令直漢刃 (looking pretty Chinese for me in the forums) :slight_smile:

More details here:


Yeah, if one disables the Japanese fonts, so that the system is forced to use the fallback font, the characters look like the Chinese example you posted :thinking:


@viet Could you guys use WebFonts for the Japanese in WK, so that one does not run into this issue when logging in using a computer they do not control, cannot install Japanese fonts on, or when using a mobile device? Of course,that might open another can of worms when somebody logs into WK using a setup that does not support WebFonts, so…

On the other hand, you are probably already using WebFonts for the custom radicals.

A straight webfont solution for Japanese is not realistic due to file size and maintainability.

It is okay for radicals since we only serve only ~80 custom radicals. Even then we plan on replacing radicals with SVG.

Adobe’s Typekit has a selective loading solution which we have been evaluating, but no timetable if we plan to use it.


Thank you for the comprehensive and prompt answer! You are right, a Japanese WebFont would be quite… huge, to say the least.

In the meantime, seeing the kanji look all wonky is a good reminder that you need to install Japanese fonts, which helps the user properly see Japanese characters :slight_smile: in environments other than WK. If you were using webfonts, I would probably never realise that my system does not have the proper fonts installed, and everything would be fine and dandy until I would try to view a Japanese document :stuck_out_tongue:. So, perhaps using a Web Font solution is not a good idea at all?

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