New Font Being Used?

Hi all,

I noticed that a new font is being used to show all kanji, hiragana and katakana as of my last review session. It was not this way just a few hours ago.

I think the new font looks really sloppy and makes it hard to distinguish some kanji. It also makes the hiragana you input for your answers look very sloppy. The font for English meanings has not changed however.

Is this planned to be reverted back to the old font? Please give us a way to change back if we choose!

FYI this seems to be happening across all browsers on the desktop version of the site.

We didn’t change the font at all. Starting out I recommend reviewing your system fonts and see what changed.

We default to Hiragino (Mac), Source Hans Sans, Noto, and Yu/Meiryo (Windows) for Japanese.


Really? A screenshot? Nothing’s changed on my side.

It appears this is an issue on my end. Something happened with my default font setting for Japanese. I am trying to figure out how to fix it on my end. Sorry for the confusion on this everyone.

Not sure how this changed without any action from me…gotta love it!


Do you use Chrome? I tend to have more Japanese font issues with Chrome than any other browser I use.

I do use chrome but I tried all my browsers and its all defaulting to one of the Gothic fonts which just looks terrible. I am trying to figure out how to change back to whatever my computer was defaulting to for Japanese since I’ve been learning, but am having trouble on the technical issue here. If anyone has experience doing this I’d be happy to hear.

I think this issue started because I downloaded an update for the japanese language pack on windows 10.

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Oh okay. My problems tend to be isolated only to Chrome which is why I use:

But that is likely just a band-aid since it seems to be a more widespread problem. Unfortunately, I can’t help with that.

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For what it’s worth, I started getting a different font in Chrome when I switched to a computer running Mac OS 10.15. Safari still uses the font I was used to.



The new Chrome font seems a touch harder to read but I like the challenge. :slight_smile:


I believe this is the case because Chrome uses its own text rendering as oppose to using the system’s renderer, which Safari and Firefox uses.


This is the font I am seeing currently. After some research this looks like Meiryo, correct? I am not sure what I was seeing before this, but I definitely prefer whatever I had been using.

Is this what most of you on windows are seeing as well? Could anyone point me in the right direction of changing how WaniKani displays the font? I have the Japanese language pack for Win10 installed, so the options are there.

If this helps, Jisho is also showing in this same font.

Appreciate any and all help on this!

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Looks like Meiryo. I’m surprised you would have had something else. I thought Meiryo has been the default Japanese font for Windows for more than a decade since it was designed specifically to work with ClearType as previous fonts didn’t. :man_shrugging:

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This is what I see when using wanikani through my phone’s browser, and it is the same font I had been seeing on my Win10 PC until today when installing the Japanese language pack


I went over every one of the 100s of fonts on my Windows 10 machine and can’t find a single one that looks anything like what your screenshot shows. :man_shrugging:

If you can find the name of the font from your phone, at least for Chrome, you can use that Google extension I linked above to force Chrome to always use it.

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I figured out how to fix this. Want to post my solution in case anyone else runs into this issue in the future and wants to reference back.

On my Windows 10 PC, I was able to solve this by going into Windows Settings > Apps > Manage Optional Features. Then locating the “Japanese Supplemental Font” file. Note that it says install for me since I have already uninstalled it. It seems like it can be installed again at any time by selecting “Add a feature” from the top of the menu.


Once I uninstalled the file, and rebooted my PC. I came back to WaniKani and am now back to seeing all characters in the original font that was being used. I still do not know what font this is by name, but I really prefer this over Meiryo.

My PC went through some updates yesterday and I had to reinstall the Japanese Language keyboard. When I did this I believe I also installed other portions of the language pack that weren’t previously installed on my PC, including the additional fonts pack, which must be packaged in with the basic typing or handwriting packages on Windows 10.

Thank you all for the help on this matter, and apologies for any initial confusion I may have caused from my post.


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