Some radicals aren't in Noto Sans JP and they don't appear

The guard radical (兑) is only present in chinese fonts reliably. Wanikani doesn’t pull in these fonts from google fonts, therefore if a chinese font isn’t installed, they appear missing.
Boot (堇) is also in the same bo(a)ot.
Picture of the issue:
I have basically all the japanese fonts possible installed.
Once I installed noto simplified chinese:


Some of the radicals are WK originals. So, they’re actually drawings, not fonts. Which is why they show differently.

These are not, they are not drawings, they are represented as regular characters.

Yah, the given example is different - 兑 is there in text.

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I guess, i read through the issue to quickly. My bad!

(there’s been a couple of threads like that before…I guess I jumped to conclusions)


But does your browser choose Japanese as the language to display all WaniKani content correctly?

@rodan I think you mentioned something related recently.

It does, but here I went and checked several sources for the existence of these characters, and they only seem present in Chinese fonts.


Hi there! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some problems viewing these radicals. Could you shoot us an email ( and let us know your setup (your OS, browser, and if you’re running any scripts)? Thanks!

It’s a Chinese character. It doesn’t exist in Japanese fonts because it doesn’t exist in the Japanese language.


(These sites do have entries for true radicals.)

Some WK radicals aren’t real characters and are pngs, but a few like this one are real characters, but not Japanese characters.

I had the exact same issue, I’d also downloaded that very same font and wondered what was wrong. Turns out, all I had to do was go to settings and make it into the default font, because Firefox was still automatically using Meiryo.

Got an email that this got fixed and indeed it did.