It seems that some kanji have changed shape on WK

Both on WK and Flaming Durtles, “Fix/Direct” now looks like this, so the lion radical is easily recognizable.

So now this kanji, and the android keyboard kanji look completely different:

The sole reason I managed to figure it out after seeing it like this is because I somehow remembered the meaning mnemonic…

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I’m guessing you’ve got a Chinese font displaying on your android device, at least in some instances. This is a common problem people encounter with mobile devices. If I don’t change my whole phone’s internal language to Japanese, I get Chinese versions of characters, which do occasionally have different shapes.

BTW: The kanji you posted in the body of the text looks identical to the form in the images, when viewed on my PC.

You can see how different languages display the shape on the wiktionary page for it.



So WK and flaming duetles are displaying the correct form.

My phone used to show the chinese version, but now shows it only on the keyboards…

I had this problem with the iknow-app, your phone defaults to chinese characters. Try adding Japanese to your phone as a second language, that should fix it.


Wow, that actually fixed it.

Thanks a lot!


For me those two kanji look the same :sweat_smile:

To show what I mean:

This is what I’ve always learned.


Same here :flushed:

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直 appears as choku, similarly 置 appears as chi. Or 令 appears as rei



I have no fricking clue what’s going on


Your PC is showing Chinese fonts?




These are supposed to be the same right?

Why do I have a font that displays both versions?

How do I see which font I’m using?

I think it’s just Japanese?

This is what that exchange looked like to me

I have no idea how to fix the problem on PC.

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Strangely though, your font is what I see during reviews.

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Thanks! I recently encountered this issue in Chrome after switching to a new mac, and just adding a Japanese keyboard fixed it.

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