I do not recognize the kanji that i studied in wanikani in other websites

Sometimes i am not able to recognize a kanji that i already studied in wanikani in different website because of the typography used, Any one had the same problem?


You should definitely make sure you get exposure to a whole bunch of different fonts, because yeah, there are definitely styles.

Also make sure your computer isn’t using Chinese encoding - sometimes there are subtle differences between equivalent Chinese and Japanese characters, but they both use the same position in Unicode, because reasons.


yes! this is defo a bit of a problem. There are also scripts here on WK that allows you to be tested using a range of kanji-fonts which is worth trying out. :slight_smile:


Not sure if Read that if you can works right now, my bets are on no

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Sad to hear that.

Haven’t got around to updating that to the wk review update, I have a bit of a backlog…

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Hmmm mostly when the characters are handwritten. Otherwise it’s alright if the context provides cues and you know that’s the only word that fits in the context.

If you look at Kanji pages in Jisho, there are two major styles – one that follows the stroke orders, and another one on hover that might be used in printing.

Also, you might be able to get away much of the time, if you remember the components and the stroke order of each components. This will help with reading handwriting.

There is an intricacy that computer may erroneously render a Chinese variant despite being a Japanese website – the default language on your PC may not be set and defaulted to Chinese. In this case, components may change as well. Some that come to mind are 直 角 誤 (lang=zh), 直 角 誤 (lang=ja), 直 角 誤 (unset).

Which websites?


Hey, so I use this extension (Google Chrome only) and I’ve set it up so the kanji isn’t so brightly highlights (you can make it so it just changes the kanji text colour instead of highlighting the whole thing)

It’s helped me when I’m navigating sites like NHK Easy because if I see a lot of blue, then I know I should be able to understand the content :slight_smile:

Edit: Only works for TYPED text of course so compatibility will vary depending on the way the site is set up. But I believe it should be able to highlight any kanji as long as it’s been typed out…

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