Font change?

When doing reviews all my kanjis are much more THICC What happened?


Did you switch computers/devices, install new fonts on your computer, or install a Japanese IME on your computer? It likely has to do with one of those. WaniKani just lists out a bunch of fonts in the CSS to try, and whichever one your browser finds first it will use.


Kanji are much thicker looking on my tablet than my phone for some reason.

Who knows? Life throws you for a pitch sometimes.

Yes that’s it (IME) I removed it though since it didn’t work for the intended purpose. How do I change it back?

You’d have to find a way to uninstall the new font. I’m not sure how to do that.

If they’re using windows, the control panel has a section for “fonts” visible straight away after you open it where it seems like you can delete them.

Oh! I was wondering why mine changed as well. It was after enabling the Japanese keyboard. The Kanji is all in bold and some of the lines connect where there was previously a gap.

To uninstall the new font, @GnomeBoi, go into your Windows folders, and find the FONTS folder. You’d have to know which one it is that you don’t like. Then delete it.

HOWEVER, if you did not have the Japanese IME installed before, you were most likely looking at the Chinese default fonts, which look a bit different for some kanji, and very different for others (missing a radical that WK has completely, for example). So it may be better for you to keep the font after all.

Another thing you can try is the userscript Jitai, to get used to seeing multiple fonts!

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That’s only during reviews though, so it may not be exactly what they want.

Here’s the list of fonts WK uses in order:

  • Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro
  • Meiryo
  • Source Han Sans Japanese
  • NotoSansCJK
  • TakaoPGothic
  • Yu Gothic
  • ヒラギノ角ゴ Pro W3
  • メイリオ
  • Osaka
  • MS PGothic
  • MS Pゴシック
  • sans-serif

It will start from the top of the list and go until it finds a font either on your computer or included on the site.

If you’re running Windows 10 like I am, you’re probably normally defaulting to Yu Gothic. I went out and found Hiragino Kaku, so that’s what it defaults to for me.

Here’s a comparison between Hiragino Kaku and Yu Gothic for reference:

You can see the Hiragino font is quite a lot thicker and slightly larger. Since it’s the first in the list, I suppose you could call Hiragino the “official” way WK is supposed to look.


It’s October 8th, and mine got thick all of a sudden as well lol. Is there any way to pick which font you have on reviews?

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