New font change?


Anyone else notice the Japanese font looks different? Perhaps this could mean larger things are afoot!


I didn’t notice any font change doing my reviews just now :thinking:


We didn’t change the font.


Did you do reviews on a new device or something? They are a different font on my laptop vs desktop.


Oh… Then I guess it’s just my pc then :upside_down_face:


Just curious, was it specific kanji that looked weird, or just in general? Do you remember which kanji if its the former?


It’s the hiragana, here’s what it looks like:


Huh. Weird. I was about to say it may have switched to a Chinese font, but I doubt it if all that’s changed are the hiragana.


I noticed the font is different on my PC than on my tablet - I thought it might have to do with some of the userscripts installed on the PC (can’t install them on the tablet). It certainly threw me for a loop - I really had to concentrate to recogize some of the kanji. Good practice, though!


I’ve noticed that the font looks different on my own PC (Windows 7) compared to my parents PC (Windows 10).

Not sure if that is true in general though.