Is there a new font?

Is it just me, or did the fonts change for everyone?

Yesterday, I noticed something was weird and saw that any new WaniKani tab changed to this chonky font.


I initially suspected the custom styling is the problem, but I disabled everything, cleared the cache, and it’s still here. It bothers me a little because characters look ever so slightly off.

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Looks same as always to me :thinking:

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Personally i’ve noticed the font size and shape changes depending on what i’m using. On my laptop at home it always looks different to my PC and my phone. Not sure if this is intentionally or if it’s a browser thing? But i’ve not seen a recent change, maybe you updated your browser recently and the new version allowed a different font that WaniKani uses?

WaniKani will use fonts present on your system. As @ParalyzedHamster says, this will mean that your font experience will be different potentially between devices and can change if you’ve recenetly intalled the IME, for example.

This has been brought up before and this was a helpful response last year:


OHHH I know what happened. I recently installed the Japanese keyboard and that’s why I got the new font.



That’ll do it ^-^

Glad you worked it out :slight_smile:

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