Just reached level 8

It only took me 60 days lol.

On a positive note, I’ve also completed three tiers of Memrise, the first level of LingoDeer (now on level two), books one and two of Japanese for Busy People and reinforced my knowledge of Hiragana and Katakana (using apps).

I’m only level 8, but I have already noticed a massive improvement in my reading comprehension and conversational skills on HelloTalk.

I’m so happy that I found WaniKani. It makes what is generally considered to be the hardest aspect of learning Japanese simple and fun.

I just wanted to write a comment to says thanks to everyone who contributes to the forum. I’m a lurker, but reading posts on the community app has helped to keep me motivated about learning Japanese in general. 頑張りましょう。


八になっておめでとう!Keep it up ^^



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