Finally level 4 ! My experience

Hi guys !

Now that I’ve reached level 4 and become a paid member on Wanikani I feel that I’ve taken a new step forward with my learning; I’m quite happy for that :squid:.

So far my experience has been great. Not learning grammar is not really an issue since I’ve studied the Minna no Nihongo before and also from other resources; so when it comes to learning Kanji, I feel that Wanikani definitely beats other options (at least the many I have tried so far).

I created my account on February 11, 2021, so it took me a little bit less than a month to get here ! Although it seems fast, I felt that I took too long in level 3. Mostly because I was a bit depressed due to life stuff and even though I did not lose my daily discipline, my performance was reduced and I found myself making more mistakes. So I guess that I will have to avoid being sad for future levels :ghost:.

I’m quite happy to have become a paid member ! I just really like the community and the wanikani app. I think it is always great to contribute to the projects you believe in !

I hope to keep on improving ! I really want to read Japanese manga :squid:. I’m a strange person, because I care more about reading manga than about having social interactions (lol). But what matters here is that I do love the language.

BY THE WAY ! for those who are around my level… What would you think about trying the Wanikani Leaderboard? I found out that this a great way to keep track of someone else’s progress. I know that probably many people already use this tool, but I’m a bit late to play with those guys :ghost: . So for the new generation of Wanikani users, keep me in mind ! Also let me know if you want to participate to write your name down :wink:

Good luck !!


You’re in luck, this forum is basically Strangeland :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congratulations :smiley: Some levels take forever… Some you pass fast
I think what really matters is the effort to come back to working for your goal after demons mess w u


That’s it ! We gotta keep trying till the bitter end.

And someday we will become almighty level 60.

…Then we can read Korean manga, but in Japanese.


Best of luck!


Hi! I really like that you’ve gotten so far! I’m glad you’re liking WK! :crabigator: I’m kind of a newbie here too—I started in like… late December-ish? I would love to keep motivated & join in the Leaderboard! I wasn’t really sure if I should go there, or just stick my comment here, so I chose the later hehe. my username is sabayo_m hehe, 頑張ってください! :durtle_hello:


@sabayo_m ! Just added you. (see picture below :squid:). You’re my first Wanikani friend - or rival - now.

Also, I had some issues installing the Leaderboard script… I found out how to by reading more this thread.

Let’s keep in touch @sabayo_m ! ! Perhaps a Japanese call on skype when we get to level 10??? :octopus:


Thank you !! :octopus: . Let’s keep moving forward to a brighter future full of Kanji.


Right back at you! I look forward to this challenge! 私わ負けない!
Let’s Skype! Or whatever! Great idea :high_touch:


or… I should say first official friend/foe! I just think the rest of these doodz are cool :durtle_cat:

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That’s it ! :durtle_megane:

Look forward to reading your story post when you get to level 10 too !! :firecracker:


Count me in :)) just got to level 4 myself, after delaying level 3 due to exams.

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Let’s do it @Razvanel !

Just added you ! Don’t forget to reach back when you get to level 10 ! would love to keep in touch :slight_smile: Perhaps in the future we can actually practice some Japanese speaking → Or perhaps find ourselves in Japan as tourists. Who knows ! Endless possibilities, let’s just keep on learning :squid:


Ah, a fellow person of culture, I see :smiley: . うれしい!


You can add me ok the leaderboard as well guys.
Dunno about you…but I m really really impatient. I want to read manga and watch anime without subtitles as soon as possible… I know it’s not easy peasy lemon squize… but, dunno how to put it. I had a strange experience with learning Spanish. I was obliged by the circumstances to watch Spanish Dramas - telenovelas, each day, for several years, like 7-8 years. Basically all my childhood. I didn’t enjoy it, but watch it nonetheless. When I ve started to learn Spanish, couple of months ago…basically I’m intermediate. I have difficulties speaking, but my comprehension and reading are almost 90% spot on, making it very easy to study the grammar. I ve also read Harry Potter in Spanish in my first week of learning, with almost 0 help. I think the same principles doesn’t apply to Japanese, even though I watch considerable amounts of anime, because…dunno, it’s the difference in alphabet? I must say I fell a little bit discouraged. I’ve learnt all the kanas but I am able to read them so slow…maybe it’s just me being a slow learner, but I’m gonna push it nonetheless :japanese_ogre::shinto_shrine:


Hola Rushian ! Cómo estás?

Por su puesto que te incluiré en el Leaderboard :slight_smile: . Siéntete libre de incluirme a mí también.

By the way ! When you get to a higher level, let’s say level 10 - Don’t forget to get in touch with me ! Perhaps we can practice a little bit together (and give us anime recommendations ?).

Wish you the best luck ! Never give up.


Estoy muy bien mi amigo. Claro que si.
At level 10 maybe we can create a Discord group and party watch some animes or Japanese movies without subtitle together. I think it can be fun :slight_smile:


Esa es una excelente idea !

Te recomiendo que además de Wanikani también estudies gramática en otras webs, hay muchas muy buenas :slight_smile: .

Would be awesome to make friends on this platform ! Open to that.
Let’s try to know more Japanese first though, or we may lose focus ! After that, we can create that discord group, sure :squid:


Hey, Im a little late to the party.
May I join in with the leaderboard and collaboration thingy?


Hey @karakuja ! Sure.

I have just added you ! Feel free to add me too :durtle_megane:
So far the idea is that if we get to level 10, we should get in touch. So you can come back to this post or send me a message :slight_smile: . So let’s see how many more people kept the discipline and also who’s actually interested in creating a group !