I did it! Reached level 4!

No, I didn’t reach level 60. I reached level 4… :sweat_smile:

I finished the free 3 levels and successfully upgraded and now reached level 4. I’ve been studying Japanese for a few months now (self studying & now with an italki teacher) and my biggest problem has always been remembering kanji. I couldn’t seem to remember any kanji at all. Now, in less than a month, I’ve successfully learned 81 kanji. I know that compared to the big number of 2000+ kanji that’s not much at all, but thanks to wanikani I went from knowing like 3 characters to knowing 81, and that’s definitely progress! Which is why I made the decision to purchase a subscription and continue on.

I can’t wait to learn more!


Keep up the good work :fire:


It’s a great feeling to be able to recognize kanji and vocab in the wild. Even if I can’t understand all of it, it definitely is a huge accomplishment :slight_smile:


Honestly, Great job!

I am still on level two, almost through it, and I’m not going to lie it’s been challening. So seeing another person get past the trial period and moved to a paid account really makes me want to get there too. Definitely not giving up now!

I know how you feel about being excited about just a few Kanjis. I cherish the small amount that I have learned.

Keep up the good work!


Great work ! I’ve just unlocked level 7 feels good to learn.


Congrats! I’m still stuck on level 3, but if I get a subscription I’ll be level 4.

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great job! がんばって!!

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