Feature Request: Countdown to new lessons

We can check when the next reviews are coming; can see them a few days ahead of time by day and hour. It would be great if there were a notice of when new lessons are coming up. It would be helpful to plan ahead.
For example:
6 new vocabulary in two days and 2 hours,
22 new kanji in less than an hour.

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How does that make sense? Lessons are unlocked based on your progress. Do you mean wanikani should post the next possible time that new content would be unlocked (i.e. if an item is up for being gurued, new content would be unlocked unless you get the particular item wrong)?

That doesn’t sound particularly valuable. The stats site already posts “fastest” time to next level. Is it really useful to know that you’ll have access to 5 new vocab items if you guru one of the items in a queue coming later in the day?

Basically, you just want to know when your next guru review is and what would be unlocked by it?

Pretty sure the WaniKani app has something like that.

Is this the kind of thing you were looking for?

He’s looking for the same sort of information for incoming lessons, not incoming reviews.

Also, for reviews, there’s the Ultimate Timeline script

For lessons, the unlock time depends entirely on the items you guru so it’s pretty much impossible to make an accurate prediction.

However, the before-mentioned iOS app also does a very nice job on telling you the status of each item, when the next review is going to be for that item and how long will it be until you guru it, provided you don’t fail any reviews. It has become an essential part of mi WK routine as it helps me to plan ahead and reduce my level up time (Sorry, I’m not able to post a screenshot right now).

They did ask for both lessons and reviews


Well they mentioned reviews in the sense that it was an example of how they’d like information about lessons.

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If predictions can be made on level-up time then it is not impossible to make a similar prediction on what unlocks are expected based on current progress speed. it doesn’t need to be perfectly exact either. Just a guideline. I would love to know that i have 53 new vocab coming at me at around 3pm tomorrow.
And yes, i was just looking for NEW UNLOCKS. I have found the review schedule and find it very useful!
It’s just a what-if. Not saying i don’t love the program, because i do. I’ve learned an incredible amount in a very short time and i’m thrilled about it. Plan to keep going as long as possible.

Perhaps you need this one,

This will tell how many items is going to be Guru’d, and when. However, it couldn’t tell how many items are going to be unlocked.

Userscipt to tell how many items are going to be unlocked would be a nice addition – thus, Userscipt request?

You can have a good estimate of new lessons (without necessarily the amount of incoming lessons) by using rfindley’s Dashboard Progress Plus script. It puts a ring around the kanji and radicals in the progress bar area, and tells you how long 'til your next review. So you can see when a guru review is coming - which means if you get it right, new lessons.

EDIT: Oh, Polv beat me to it.

Also, try the stats site:

Where do you find that Pitkin? O.o

Thank you! I will check that out!

That one’s kind of a pain. You need to know all of the prerequisites for the items to determine which ones will unlock with a new level. IIRC rfindley has the data if anyone’s interested in tackling that problem.

It’s a mobile IOS app called ‘Mobile AllCrab - For WaniKani’. Not sure if it can be found elsewherebut that’s where I have it.

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