How to unlock next lessons?

I’m using the free WaniKani for a bit before buying it. So far it’s been working great and I’m up to 65% accuracy, but I don’t seem to get any new kanji? I’ve been at 26 for a while now (I was inactive for a week). So do I have to score higher on the review to get more? Or is the free version just these 26? Also is kanji the only topic available?

After you get radicals right a few times in a row (I believe around 4 times) they will advance from Apprentice to Guru. This will unlock kanji containing these radicals, which will also start at Apprentice, and unlock from Apprentice to Guru. When you have unlocked 90% of the available kanji to you to the Guru level, your next level will unlock. I believe WaniKani’s free levels go up to the end of level 3 before requiring you to buy in. If you are diligent, you can usually unlock a level in 8-10 days.

As an aside, you will also unlock around 3 vocabulary terms per kanji you raise to the Guru level, as soon as you raise the kanji to Guru. So, kanji aren’t the only topic of study, there is also vocabulary as well.


Every time you get a review correct, the item moves up a rank and the time until the next review gets longer. But if you get one wrong, it falls back and you see it again sooner. You have to get an item to that 4th rank to unlock its associated items, but you can see how things could go wrong if you keep knocking things down the ladder.

Once you unlock kanji, you can unlock associated vocab. But no, this site has no content regarding things like grammar or non-kanji vocab

I know that when I was first starting out I found the guide and FAQ to be fascinating.
You will learn a lot by reading them :slight_smile:.

Kanji is what this website revolves around, and the vocabulary you learn is to support the Kanji. So there isn’t more to it. And given the sheer amount of content, I would say that’s a great thing; after all, it might do just one thing, but it does it phenomenally well and that’s what it strives for :slight_smile:

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