Easily Seeing Most Frequently Missed Radicals/Kanji/Vocab

Is there a way to easily see our most frequently missed radicals/kanji/vocab without going into each one individually? If not, this would be a great addition for extra study.

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The wall of shame?

It’s in your profile somewhere, iirc.

There’s also the thing in the dashboard that tells you your critical mistakes.

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The easiest way is to get a script that tracks the info for you in the long run. Like the Item Inspector.

In the drop-down menu you can either display your last failed items or leeches, which are more recurrent items you’re struggling with. Like this:

Hovering over the item will display additional info:

I really like the visually similar information for kanji, that helps me realize which kanji I’m mixing up.

In conjunction with the Self-Study Quiz, you can now also easily quiz yourself on the displayed items, helping you cram the most difficult to remember items.

Good luck with your studies. ^>^


I’ve found the wall of shame a little too limited. Mine only displays 1 kanji and 1 vocab when I know I’ve missed more.

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Thank you! This is very thorough!

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update. I’ve got all of the scripts and they are remarkable! This will definitely change how well I can study. Thank you

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