Am I Missing Something

Hey everyone,

I was skimming through a few posts a few days ago and noticed that several people mentioned how long it took them to do X-amout of reviews.

I can’t remember the thread to double check the numbers, but basically some people said that doing, say, 25-30 reviews would take them over half an hour, if not longer.

30 reviews for me would take <5mins as I tend to treat them almost like a speed round. I don’t stop to look at the scenery, I just write down the answer and move on!

But… am I missing something? I just don’t see how each review could take that long. Are you all doing a step that I’m not!?

This has been niggling away at me for a few days now, so I thought I would check with the community. If nothing else, we might all get a look at each others study processes which I’m sure would be beneficial!

Cheers, and happy studying!


What’s your accuracy?

I don’t really care about this that much but I had similar “huh?” moment when seeing those comments. I imagine they have something else involved in their reviews that make it take longer, either they are simultaneously doing writing practice, or reading the info of the stuff they missed to better learn it for next time. I, like you, just do it and I personally don’t care about the accuracy all that much. If I get it I got it, if I didn’t that was probably because I don’t have it REALLY memorized. I read a lot and do other vocab SRS on the side too, so its usually not the first time I have seen any given kanji.


I’m also with you, doing it fast.
But it does slow down a bit as the kanjis pile up. Because at the early levels, it’s easy to tell that it’s 三 and not 生, the kanjis look quite different, but at some point when for example 辺, 返 and 道 are all in the mix, or 石 and 右 I do need to ponder and look closely, think at the mnemonic to see which one it is, and sometimes relearn them if I learned them too fast the first time around


Some of those comments surprised me too… but re: <5 min on 25-30 reviews… it depends on the kanji… and how many mistakes I make, and how confident I am about the reading/meaning, and how 面倒臭い it is to type the answer.

two is easy to type. cell phone strap takes a little more time. and if I’m not cheating with Tsurukame, it’s easy to make typos with つ and っ

but yeah, I generally try to go fast to make sure that I have some fluency and automaticity to go alongside my accuracy. Sometimes, though, it’s good to make sure my head is clearly understanding what I’m doing.

Yes, it’s called „old and slow brain“ - I just need time to come up with the right reading and meaning :woman_shrugging: and then I night also need some time to come up with the correct English word, and sometimes that goes wrong so I need to check it and type it again :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

TL:DR: Enjoy the ride while we’re young :grin:


I do 50 reviews per session, and on average it takes me half an hour. Is that too long, too short… Or just right? No idea :joy:

Some items take me a long time to get, some, come to me after mere milliseconds. As other people have written, some of them are quite similar with each other, or need substantial typing, so it takes more seconds to complete those… And then I guess it all piles up to half an hour :woman_shrugging:t2:

I have a sneaking suspicion your timings will also increase as you move on to the higher levels :laughing: But good luck keeping short timings! :grin:


Also I turned off typing for English, I just go Anki -style INCORRECT/ CORRECT, life is too short to be typing “With All One’s Strength” :sweat_smile:


It’s been a long time since I did reviews, but when I did I would just intentionally input something wrong if I couldn’t get it in a few seconds. If it takes 20 seconds or more to read a word in a book it’s faster to look it up anyway.


It’s just different ways of doing reviews. I also do mine fast so long as I don’t get distracted, but some people do things like literally write down the kanji/reading/meaning when they get an item wrong.


100 reviews for me would take about 17 minutes on average from what I remember, so you’re around the same speed I was and I turned out fine. I’d say not to worry about it too much so long as you aren’t experiencing other problems.

There’s probably a list of possible reasons why other people go slower, but it will vary person to person anyways and probably isn’t worth worrying about.

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My daily averages are 200 reviews taking 40 minutes, so slightly slower, but still in the “fast camp” i guess

I need to rapid fire through reviews as i want to be able to use what ive learned here in reading, similarly to Leebo, if i dont know in a few seconds, i input something wrong and move on since in my eyes i still dont know the kanji/vocab well enough to pass it. At first it does decrease an accuracy somewhat, but you learn to distinguish between similar things pretty quick and is overall a timesave too.

Thanks for the responses!

I don’t mean to criticise anyone who takes a long time to finish their reviews. To each their own!

I also have an “old & slow brain”, but If I really struggle with a word for longer than 30s then I just fail it on purpose like @Leebo because I obviously don’t know it yet.

And yeah, I’m still delightfully ignorant of the later levels! XP

How bad could it be…


Whenever I’m actually focused the time I spend on each review item is about the time it takes me to physically type the answer, but I often get distracted with other stuff I’m doing at the same time, meaning it takes a while to complete the whole pile.

Depends on if you’re doing it on a computer with a good keyboard, or on a phone. I could easily plow through 300 reviews in an hour.

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I’m in the slow camp, it takes me forever to get though 200 reviews. But to be fair most for those I don’t know so it takes me a while to really have a look at the kanji and to see if it activates any neurons in my brain. When I know the kanji, it definitely goes quicker, but there is no way I’m getting anywhere close to the speeds you are suggesting you can do.

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Nah that’s pretty normal, maybe a bit faster, but I’ve never heard of someone taking 30 minutes for that many. Even if it’s all reviews of material they’re not too familiar with just yet, I can’t imagine anyone taking that long unless they’re procrastinating and keep looking at their phone… yeah that’s what I do.

But for real, if I’m focused, it shouldn’t take me more than like 10 minutes, but definitely depends on the item of course, could be faster if it’s something I know well

I often listen to music while doing reviews and switch songs in between, or do other things on the side, so I wasn’t entirely sure. I just had a larger pile to go through though and I stopped the time. 100 items took me 14 minutes.

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btw, are you Korean? Your user name makes me want to eat kimchi jjigae…


It heavily depends for me. If I’m focused, I can do 10 review per minute. But for bigger stacks (150-200) I tend to take a lot longer, 30min to 1h. But with music playing, a hot coffee, etc etc.
Jitai, the font randomizer add-on, made me take longer for each card ! Do you have it ?

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