I'm getting there

First Master reviews are later tonight, I’m pumped.



And before you know it, you’ll be Enlightening those items :wink:

yeah, i just need to make sure I go slow on those reviews though and don’t accidentally input the kanji meaning

This will be an ongoing struggle, believe me. Definitely take your time and spend that extra half-second to double-check what you’ve typed before you hit Enter.

Oh I believe you, I’ve been doing it on level 2-3 Guru 2 reviews all the time recently. I just need to chill for a bit.

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You can also install the ignore script. Allows you to act as if a mistake never happened :wink:

I would say I have strong self discipline when it comes to self education and stuff. But WaniKani is so much like a game, I don’t think I could stop myself from genuinely cheating.

Let’s not get all referral-happy for the ignore script there, friend. We should be encouraging our 後輩 to script responsibly

I originally had the same concern, then got turned to the dark side a while back. When I first got it, I had decided the moment I felt like I cheated, I was deleting the thing. Still never felt that way and it has took some of the edge off reviews, no longer getting annoyed at every typo I do.

Abuse all the scripts!!



My guy, what is this, 9gag?


We are not sane, if that’s what you are asking :wink:

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