Difference between 試みる and 試す?

As I’m not a native english speaker (german) I’m not sure about these two as they are translated the same in german (“versuchen”).

Is 試みる more “trying a new dish” and 試す “I’m trying to jump over this hole”?

That would be an entirely different phrasing. ~ようとする

あなえようとする (to try to jump over a hole)

試す means something like “to put something to a test”
力を試す (to test one’s strength)

試みる is like “to try to do something,” but it’s a bit different from ~ようとする
不時着ふじちゃくを試みる (to attempt an emergency landing)
脱出だっしゅつを試みる (to attempt an escape)
Sorry if I can’t explain it well.


Thank you, that helped.

Just one more question: How do you write furigana above the Kanji O.o


In general you use Ruby code like this
kanji(furigana) <ruby>kanji<rp>(</rp><rt>furigana</rt><rp>)</rp></ruby>

Then there are also two scripts to make it easier

  • [Userscript] Easy Furigana
    This one lets you put whatever you want as the kanji and furigana, and lets you convert multiple instances at once


That would be the ~てみる construction - trying something out to see what it’s like.

食べてみる, in this particular example.

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