Difference between 試すand 試みる

I can’t point the difference from the description in the meaning section.


what i found

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From the goo thesaurus: 試みる(こころみる)の類語・言い換え - 類語辞書 - goo辞書


試みる means to actually see if you can do something or you can’t by trying, 試す means to see if something goes well, to see if it’s good or bad, to see if it’s true or not, etc.

If you look at the synonyms here on WK, that becomes clearer too.


Yes, like Leebo said.

An example could be that you will attempt to set up a homepage. This is 試みる (see if you can do it by trying).
Once you’ve signed up, you want to test different templates. This is 試す (test the templates to see if it looks good or bad).


Ok thanks guys. You gave me plenty examples. I think I got the gist of it now.


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