Difference between 光栄and 栄光?

I keep getting those confused :confused:.
What do you guys do to remember them the right way? Any mnemonics?


I thought this was a good one:


Check this :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG MISSS U WON BY A FREAKING 0,000001 SECOND :sob::heart:


-laughs evilly-



They can both basically be translated as the same English words, so I’ve never really seen much point in trying to distinguish them that way.

You need to absorb examples to get a feel for how they’re used.


@MissMisc @jprspereira maybe it’s strange but I always think the other Way around. 光栄is when the light’s behind me and 栄光 is when the light is in front of me. I think that’s why I keep confusing them.


it seems, if gold (prosperity) comes first, it is Glory. 栄光

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actually you can find them in japanese dictionaries as synonyms too :sweat_smile:

But then to clear things a bit more, in the sentence bank I keep from my shows 栄光 it’s used commonly for refering to the glory days, or reaching the glory (like if killing the titans for example :laughing: , as it’s mosttly mentioned that kind of shows … no mention of it my j-dramas decks or slice of life animes).

Then 光栄 it’s more common as it appears on multiple shows in phrases like “I’m flattered” “it’s my honor to do… such and such…”

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I also used to confused them a lot, until the day I tried to make my own mnemonic.
I differentiate similar compounds by the first kanji.
As 栄 means prosper, I remember the prosperity of the Glorious Roman Empire which lasted for 1480 years.
GLORY TO ROME! Long live the SPQR!
And that’s how I finally remember that 栄 → prosperity → Rome → Glory

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There’s even more later on as well, wait until you meet 栄誉 and 名誉 :stuck_out_tongue:

Reading above, it doesn’t sound like they’re as far apart as WK makes it seem. Still for the purposes of WK definitions, I’ve always thought that 光栄 sounds like “go away” in other words an unselfish request to ”stop honouring me”, whereas 栄光 sounds like “acorn” which reminds me of the boisterous acorns in どんぐりと山猫 by Kenji Miyazaki. Those acorns were all fighting for glory.

Admittedly, this particular mnemonic wouldn’t work for everyone, although I do encourage everyone to read どんぐりと山猫 because it’s hilarious.

Here’s an English translation:

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