Can 日光 meen daylight?

The reading for 日光 is sunlight here in WK, but does anyone know if this can also meen daylight (not as in “seeing the light of day”, but in the light that is out during the day). I know it’s basically the same (as both come from the sun), but there are two different words in english so I wondered if it’s the same word in Japanese or if there is another word for that.

So, can somebody help me? Or am I the only one wondering about things like that :roll_eyes:


I checked a J-J dictionary (大辞林 same as this goo entry) and it says: 日の光。太陽の光線。The second one clearly means “the rays from the sun” but I was a bit confused about the first one because 日 can mean “sun” and also “day”. So I double-checked 日の光 and it only seems to mean sunlight, not daylight.


I just found the following disambiguation explanation:

Daylight is defined as being the volume of natural light that enters a building to provide satisfactory illumination of internal accommodation between sun rise and sunset.This can be known as ambient light. Sunlight refers to direct sunshine.

日光 only refers to direct light from the sun, so it cannot be daylight.

Nb: that’s a very specific definition, but generally speaking daylight refers to the volume of ambiant light.


Thanks for looking that up. My Japanese is definitely not yet good enough to check a J-J dictionary :smiley:

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Then I wonder what would be the japanese word for Daylight in that specific sense (volume of ambient light)
日当たり ? 環境光 ?

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Well, I looked up “daylight” in and it seems it’s 昼光ちゅうこう。 It’s not marked as a common word though.


Fun fact: 日光 is also a famous city in Tochigi Prefecture. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever seen 日光 used outside of the context of the city, but perhaps I’ve just been reading the wrong books.


I guess you need to read more vampire romances :joy:


According to my English-Japanese dictionary, that would be 昼光 (same result as @trunklayer, so that’s two sources). 環境光 is just ambiant light. 昼光 is 日光+環境光 as far as I understand.
Now, just for fun, I’d like to mention that said dictionary also lists 日光 and 日の光 as translations for daylight, but again the Japanese definition of 日光 does not match the English one :woman_shrugging:

I’ve been there many times and it’s really nice!


I’ve been there once, and it’s still really nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t entirely decided if I need to visit again - I stayed long enough that I feel like I’ve done everything but not so long that I realise I’ve barely done anything. Main concerns are I wasn’t able to walk over the Senjogahara Plateau (access was closed due to a landslide somewhere), and by the time I reached Kegon Falls to see it up close, it looked like this:

(I also happened to be there on the day of the autumn Grand Festival, but I decided to pass on it in favour of sightseeing…)


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