Time limit?

i read that you have to wait until the time limit to get new reviews and that it is visible on the dashboard but I am not seeing it. I only received 6 radicals to review and it won’t let me do anything else?

It’s less a time limit and more just until your next review is scheduled based on the website’s system.

What do you see here?

When you start, it’ll only be radicals (kanji parts), then kanji, then vocabulary.

Usually like 4 hours first, then 8, and so on.

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Example showing content in the “Review Forecast” section.


It’s always good to start out with checking out the Knowledge base to get a good understanding of how Wanikani works. :slight_smile:

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This would kill me. I get like 100 all at 9 am.

Whether your reviews all come at the same time (your case) or spaced out here and there throughout the day depends on how often one does reviews.

I tend to do reviews frequently throughout the day. Not because I am in any sort of hurry (quite the opposite actually) but because I take a short break from work every couple of hours and a short review is just the sort of diversion that works for me. Also, work for me is at one of the computers, so WK is always right there. Doing so means that the next cycles will come spread out in the same patterns. Sometimes, depending on the project I am working on (working on site at a client for example), I end up doing reviews only once per day and when I do that for a bunch of days in a row then the forecast reflects that and would look like yours.

All that to say, there is no method nor intent to my review schedule. I just do them when I have time/feel like it.


this is what i am seeing, I have read through the entire faq section and maybe I am not as intelligent as other users because I do not know what any of this means, my smart classmate says he uses this site so I’m trying haha

You are on track.

It is showing you that have 6 items for review coming due at 7AM today and another 19 at 11AM (so a total of 25 at 11AM should you wait until then. Beyond that you have no more reviews coming up YET. Any time you have reviews available and do some the forecast numbers will get updated accordingly. But you just started so that is what you should expect. As you do more lessons the count of reviews coming up will increase. Give it time. Soon enough you will be back complaining there are too many :grinning:

It is a pretty common path. It seems that pretty much all new users post a “there is not enough to do” on their first few days and then a few months in are back with “there is too much to do, how can I handle/manage all this?”.

And Oh Yeah, welcome to the WK world and forums. And most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself.


There’s no real need to understand WaniKani. It really just does all the work for you.

Very basically, If I was studying flash cards. If I was to study a flash card one second after I just read it of course i would still remember, but one hours later… maybe not… the next day? I’m even more likely to forget.

WaniKani is just a automated flash card game that gives you the flash cards just as they think you are about to forget it. (Or just as the researchers predict you will forget it) Because when you remember it when you were about to forget it. Your brains says WHOOPS I didn’t know this was important to remember I’m going to remember this more deeply.

You’re just trying to trick your brain into remembering. People complain about the review schedule at the beginning usually. When you only have one level to review it feels like being held back but I have reviews from yesterday, the day before, a week ago, two weeks about, and a month ago. All at the same time. So it stops feeling like being held back and it closer to overwhelming amount of kanji.