"Available now", a question mark (?) and "Zero"... meaning, please?


I’m new to WaniKani, and I cannot access my next review.

However, it says “Available Now” but it’s greyed and I cannot seem to click on it.
Besides, I have “0 Next Hour” and “0 next day”

What is the meaning of all that please? Shouldn’t I be allowed to start working now?
Last session was 19 hours ago already?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

Because new lessons build on previous ones, and they can’t test your retention without some waiting, it starts very slowly.

Surprisingly, you are not to first to notice this. They wrote the answers to a list of questions people often have when they start and linked it at the bottom of the website.

If it says Available now and that there are no reviews due you most likely just need to refresh.

Just to clarify, that will just make the “Available Now” go away. You still will have to wait for your reviews.

The “Refresh” didn’t work for me.
I knew that I had to wait from the FAQ and WaniKani guide but the “Available Now” and “Zero” are really confusing though…

I found an “unlocked date” tag on a page but it was not easy to find! :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you guys for the help! :slight_smile:

Need to get items to Guru to get more lessons.
But, if I remember right, getting an item to Guru takes 4 hours -> 8 hours > 24 hours -> 3 days
So, its all you’re items are currently in that 3rd level of Apprentice…

But don’t worry. Give it a few levels, and you’ll be pulling your hair out. Right now, it seems slow. Later on, WaniKani will never let you rest.

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Ahah noted DaisukeJigen! :grin:

By the way, @Leebo : refreshing the page didn’t make the “Available Now” go away (I’m using Chrome) but I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of days in order to get familiar with the way this website works! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s the old timeline for normal levels, it’s 2 days to guru on the last step for all categories, plus levels 1 and 2 have a shorter timeline.

@Leebo: got it, thanks! :smiley:

Can’t wait for the next review! ^^

Good call, I forgot first couple levels were sped up. Although I didn’t know that shortened the last Apprentice.

If it didn’t go away then there should be reviews due. Does it still say 0 reviews in the circle?
Image for clarification.

OMG! You helped me so much!!!
I could have wait for years!!

I have 26 reviews to catch up with!
Hummm… so I get it, in order to get a new lesson, I should probably do the review, is that it?

Yep, at the start of each level you get some radicals and some kanji. But, you won’t unlock the rest of the kanji for that level, until you guru the necessary radicals. Then, once you get 90% of the kanji to guru, you’ll move to the next level. Rinse and repeat.

Thank you so much, I could have been stuck there forever!

So, just to sum up what you’ve told me, how should I interpret this:

  1. I have to waith 2 hours before I can start my next review
  2. In the next hour, I will have nothing to do “Zero (lesson?)”
  3. Next lesson will be on April, 26th?

Is that it…?

Sorry but I’m French and it’s quite tricky to learn Japanese via an English website! :smile::sweat_smile:

@Tolincks Those three sections talk about reviews only, not lessons.
About 2 hours from now, you’ll be able to do some reviews (don’t know how many). Within the next hour, 0 items will come up for review. Within the next 24 hours, 26 items will come up for review (if you didn’t do any until then).

  1. means you will have 26 reviews to do in the next 24 hours

After completing your lessons whatever you learned will begin to appear in your reviews in spaced time intervals. When you do the reviews you will begin to level-up the kanji/radicals/vocab until they reach “Guru” level after which you will start to unlock new lessons and repeat the cycle.

  1. Yes.
  2. You will have 0 reviews due in the next hour.
  3. You will have 26 reviews due in the next 24 hours. Your next lessons will come after you guru the items you are currently reviewing, so in a day or two (yes the start is slow)

Thank you guys, this is making much more sense now!
What a catch’up to do now! :weary:

Great online community! :slight_smile: