Location of the timer

Hi, i have recently started using wanikani, and i love the system, but i can’t seem to find out how much more time do i have to wait for a new lesson/review. read that it’s supposed to be on the dashboard but i can’t see it anywhere, help would be appreciated!


The review forecast thing is on the Home Screen but perhaps you have to be on some type of computer…?

I assume you are using the web site and not a mobile app. On the right hand side of the dashboard there is a review forecast that gives you a schedule of the upcoming reviews.



Thank you! i’ve been wondering why it said 7pm when it was 12 am, this helps me a lot! (and yes, i’m using the site, i didn’t even know there was an app)

The apps are third party. Flaming Durtles and Tsurukame are examples, depending on what kind of phone you have.

Since you’re just starting out, I recommend taking a look at:

…for some tips on how to make your WK journey a bit easier.

Also, the SRS stages are explained in the User Guide:


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