Could we have an option for removing the 42 lesson/review limit?

Listen, I get it. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is great, I love it. And I appreciate the reference.

But I don’t appreciate not knowing how many reviews/lessons there are without clicking the button. I understand that it’s in place to not discourage people with too big numbers, but that benefit completely vanishes as soon as they click the button anyway. The only way to truly avoid this would be to spread the lessons over a higher number of levels, this 42+ limit is just a band-aid solution to what’s actually a structural problem.

So could we at least get an option to turn it off? If I have 230 reviews waiting for me, I want to see 230, not 42.


I totally agree with this. This should be a setting (to turn it off). We start seeing 42+ right at level 2/3, and most users probably spend more time on 42+ than below it.

Yes, even if there’s a script available. I’m sure there are a lot of users “annoyed” by the 42+ that don’t use scripts. Not to mention that not all platforms support them.

So make the default showing the 42+ to keep the joke going, but allow the users to remove it in the settings.


I agree wholeheartedly. Even displaying the real number when you hover the mouse on the 42+ number would be something that is very easy to implement.

Another example of simple improvements the WK team refuses to do for unclear reasons.


No, @koichi should stop taking his obsession to the point of hurting the user experience. It should not show up as 42+ in any circumstances.


I agree as an individual… because idc about the joke at all. But I can’t answer for all of us, that’s why I proposed something that would suit both sides :man_shrugging:


A lot of the reason is that when you see a bunch there, it’s easier to get overwhelmed. 42 was just the arbitrary cut-off number because it’s a fun reference.


Meh, should go with 99+ and a tooltip like @plantron suggested then.


I’d like it to stay, or be opt-out at the most. Wanikani was always a little quirky compared to other learning tools, which I like, and as @shadykit said there is a purpose to it as well. They’ve already removed so many of the jokes and references with the mnemonic update…


I don’t buy that it’s to stop you from being overwhelmed. As soon as you click it you see the full number on the next page anyway.


I’m not so sure about this. Lessons, sure, but for reviews “42+” is kind of an indicator to me that it’s a review session where I have to spend a bit more time to get through it. I rarely get single-batch 42+ reviews since I don’t do all my lessons at once anymore.


So u do get 42+? :rofl: I didn’t specify reviews.

You just need to WK twice a day (morning lessons + end of the day reviews) to see 42+ every day. It’s not hard, no matter your speed (you just need a little bit more than 50 reviews/day).


I see 42+ every day (or at least I would if I didn’t use the real numbers script).


I do care about the joke, but I still think it shouldn’t be there at all. There’s no way to avoid being overwhelmed anyway, you’re trying to learn the meaning and multiple readings of 2000+ foreign symbols and 6000 vocabulary words through memorization. Having 130 reviews temporarily show as 42+ does not stop this from feeling overwhelming. It’s a cheap and mostly ineffective psychological trick, and in my opinion it gets in the way of the app.

I get why it’s there, and I know there are scripts, but I think it’s such a basic and easily fixable flaw that it should be fixed natively. I mean just think about it. If it was an option, but it was opt-in instead of opt-out, how many people do you think would enable it? I bet the vast majority of people wouldn’t.


I too like seeing the actual number. I’m so glad there is a script for it at least. Most of the small issues I have with WK have a fix with a script and it makes my experience way more enjoyable.

If the 130 ish odd lessons is too overwhelming to people, I agree with the OP. This could easily be resolved by adding more levels and flattening the workflow a bit. Do I want this? Not necessarily. I’m past the point of being daunted by numbers. I knew Japanese was going to be insanely tough, and it is, but that’s what I’m here for. The only question these days is how much time I can dedicate to those review piles and lesson sessions.

Furthermore, this would interfere with the WK in two years policy, which is, in my opinion, absolutely realistic for those with a reasonable amount of time on their hands.

Me personally, I’ve never read the book and the jokes have always seemed obscure. Now, I use the script to remove the 42+. As for the suggestion to 99+, what’s the difference between 99+ and 137 lessons? Not much, if you ask me. I think a better idea would be to unlock lessons on a day to day basis after they become available, so that the lesson pile starts off at something like 10/15, you do those 10/15, and the pile starts fresh again the following day, assuming the lessons from the previous day were done. No lesson piles ever again, done!

This would really stop people from getting overwhelmed, and would help give them smaller, more consistent goals. Instead of sitting down to a computer and thinking “oh shit, I have 137 lessons to do”, they’d just think “okay I got this, 10 lessons today is easy”.

it also encourages daily crabigator worship

As for reviews piles, they’re always going to be large. Perhaps a system like 99+, 199+, 299+ etc would be more suitable than 42+, and less daunting than seeing the exact number. Just a few thoughts.


The numbers don’t matter to me at all, as long as there is a number there to tell me I have some reviews or lessons waiting, whether it be 42 or a million. Right now, I blast through the lessons because I already know the kanji (from previous study or daily life mostly) so I usually don’t read the jokes/sentences. I just do reviews whenever I see something there. Everybody uses it differently. Just my two cents though :stuck_out_tongue: Hope everybody is having a good night :slight_smile:


Has the team ever actually outright said they refuse to implement it? I’ve never seen someone write a thread about this, nor can I think of anything the team has actively refused to add (other than things with a lot of controversy, like an ignore button or something).

Having to rely on a script for basic functionality should not be the default response.

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But Wanikani has the unlocking item method, so this is extremely hard to achieve imo. If anything, it would make Wanikani even slower and with no guarantee of fixing the “getting overwhelmed” situation (actually, it wouldn’t solve a thing).

People saying this is to avoid users being overwhelmed… meh, it’s not. The moment you go to the results’ page you see the actual numbers.

You know what would help users come every day to do a bit of work? Something like @Kumirei’s new script:

[Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap

In other words, stats around consistency. How many of you are just going to Duolingo for that sweet sequence of days used? Yup.