Can't stop them, eh?

Found this gem in level 3:


Yep. @koichi’s obsession is a bit annoying. 42 references everywhere.

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It’s actually the only one I’ve noticed. What other cases of this can you recall?

The review and lesson count icons stop at 42+ rather than display more than that.

Ah, yeah. Gotta admit, I always found that strange, but never linked the two. If only it could go at least to 99, it’d be a little more instructive.

There’s a userscript that makes the counts useful.

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I like that the counts don’t go above 42. It’s less daunting that way. Are there any other references to HGTTG?

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New TOS contains 42 links. Maybe a coincidence, but probably not.
Mnemonics. Probably lots I’m missing due to never reading/seeing the book/movie.

I found one, @Kumirei’s level


Has Koichi gone too far?


I’m actually level 60, but it stopped updating on the forums at level 42


Well, they say there’s a subforum only for level 42 people

If there is then I have no access to it

Of course, because you’re level 60 :wink:


You have access to King of Turtles though, right?

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Of course.


Some text somewhere refers to you as being a frood, though I don’t recall where that was.

Right here, frood

Does that place actually exist?

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It exists in our hearts :revolving_hearts:

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LOL every single time, you guys without fail answer as vaguely as possible. Just you wait I’ll learn the truth soon enough.
Edit: Like, just another year. Soon enough.