[Userscript] Real (Time) Numbers

What is it

Automatically updates the review count on the top of every hour (when reviews become due). No more “0 Reviews” while the next review thing says “Available Now”.


Available at: →The Macaron Palace


Thanks for making that script, it’s more attention-grabbing to have the grey 0 turn purple. Hopefully it works in 25 minutes.

Have you thought about making one that places the same thing on the top of the community site as well?

Oh, you know what, I actually forgot about the color. I think I have to change too, and not just update the count. Will add that tomorrow if I can’t find time today.

Have you seen this script for the forums? Or do you mean a script to update this count, too?

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That’s exactly what I wanted, thank you. Auto-updating that count could also be useful, but if people are browsing the forum, the count is refreshing, whereas the dashboard doesn’t feel like a page you need to reload because it updates the (less visually grabbing) Next Review time.

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Ok, I finished my reviews so I could tell how WK changes the color, and updated the script to that it should also change the color.