Number of Lessons displayed

I’m at level 8, and I think WaniKani is fantastic.

Just a little thing that annoys me though, why does the lesson counter at the top of the desktop site only show 42+ as the max? On the app is shows you exactly how many lessons you have waiting for you, but on the desktop you have to click on it to see your total number.

Anyways, just a minor complaint. Thanks.

It’s common for things to not show the exact number of items over a certain number, usually 99 or something. The number 42 is a pop culture reference, in case you were asking why that number in particular.

If you make an app for WK you too can have it display anything you want, as the creators of whatever app you’re using have done.

Just get WaniKani real numbers and you’ll see, as the title suggests, the real numbers.

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tbh I still wish it displayed the real number without a script.


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This completely solves the issue, If it bothers you (like it did me), download this and you’ll never be annoyed again.

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I get the reference, I’ve read the first five parts of the trilogy twice and I’ve seen the movie once or twice… But even as a H2G2 fan it makes WK kind of annoying to use before installing the real numbers script.

Oh. I figured you got the reference. I just wanted to post a gif. :stuck_out_tongue:

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