Contraction for Tsu

I am having trouble typing the contraction for “Eight Things” and possibly future vocabulary. I can type Tsu as Hiragana but cannot find a way to type as combination Kana. Hope this makes sense…

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You mean like the small っ?

You can type xtu or ltu to get it on its own, or you can repeat the consonant at the beginning to get the kana you want with the っ in front - so ttu or ttsu will become っつ

That works for any kana with any consonant other than n, for the record - ssu becomes っす, tte becomes って, kki becomes っき, and so on


I’m guessing you’re referring to the little っ in 八つ(やつ)? Is that what you want to type?

If you’re typing using rōmaji (so, you know, with a keyboard using the Latin alphabet), then you can just type two consonants in a row (e.g. xx → っx; tt → っt), and then delete the second one. In the case of やっつ, to type the whole word, you can type ‘yattsu’, and the T in the middle will transform into a small っ.

Side note: this actually makes sense because っ usually represents a doubled consonant (ss, tt, kk etc.), which is like holding the consonant sound for one more beat, or pausing for a little bit. :smiley:


For the record, this^ is a useful trick for typing small versions of other kana as well (for those of them that have a small version). x[kana] and l[kana] usually automatically bring up the small versions (e.g. xe → ぇ OR ェ, depending on whether you pick the hiragana or katakana suggestion).


Thank you very much, this is exactly it. Much appreciated!

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Great help, Thank you!