How can I write the small tsu?

How do you write the small ‘tsu’ in wanikani? I am using the alphabet keyboard. So for example: 8 things ‘yatsu’ has the small tsu between ya and tsu…

For that word, entering yattsu, with two t’s, will automatically put it in. Any time you double up a letter like that, it’ll insert a small tsu. がっこう = gakkou

xtsu is also a way to do it manually.


Hi, Frankiee:

You can write the small tsu in 八つ by hitting the t key twice. So you would write “yattsu.”

I hope this helps!

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And any other questions on the topic:

And during reviews and lessons, the keyboard icon also shows you a list of how to write any of the characters, in case you forget.

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Thanks all! It worked​:raised_hands::heart_eyes_cat:


ltsu as in L

I see lots of people typing “tsu” but you can save keystrokes by typing “tu” directly. Same for “si” instead of “shi”, or “ti” instead of “chi”

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