How to write the small tsu in ちからいっぱい with my keyboard?

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I just got angry at my computer because of " ちからいっぱい " that I wrote ten times exactly the same before having a copy/pasta and detect if a bug was there. But I discovered the small tsu… But I can’t manage to found how write it on my keyboard. I only succeed if I write thing like ‘いっぷ alias ippu’ that make it for me. Someone could explain how i could write this word with my keyboard ? Thank you !!

To make a small tsu type the following consonant twice in a row. for " ちからいっぱい " you type chikaraippai. Then the ppa becomes っぱ.


To get the small tsu you can type xtu


Thank you so much !! I would never had think about typing two time the consonant, I don’t remember to read it on the article of tofugu… Thanks again !


The question has already been answered, but there’s also a virtual kana keyboard you can click on during reviews. :slight_smile:


Thanks you so much !! If I’ll need to write little one in any condition it could help ! Thaanks

Hooo I never saw his use like this ! I was so confident of knowing my kana that I never really watched it :sob: It could be useful for future keyboard question thanks !

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There the ti di etc. and some others that while Wanikani should be able to translate into kana just fine,* 'can be found under the kana button. ^^

*Eiffel tower is one of those vocab items that might make you wonder how to type, but WK can handle without going into the menu. Still it’s there in case you need it.

I don’t think I ever type xtu when actually typing the word. It is best to use double consonant as prouleau explained.

I simply mention it in case you ever want to just type a small っ :slight_smile:

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