How to type むっつ

Hi, could someone please tell me how to type むっつ


Thank you

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muttsu → むっつ

To make a small っ you duplicate the consonant → e.g. kka becomes っか. For tsu you only type two t’s not two s’s → ttsu becomes っつ

Here’s a guide that might help :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help!


Also you can get つ with just TU instead of TSU, and similarly っつ with just TTU, which is less typing.


Yeah that’s how I personally type it and I almost mentioned it, but idk how familiar OP is with Japanese in general and didn’t want them to get confused w/ the pronunciation side of things (since even though you can type つ as either “tsu” or “tu” you pronounce it as “tsu”) so I only mentioned the other way

But yeah I almost exclusively type “tu” these days, especially when I have a ton of reviews to get through lol

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Embarrassed to admit that it took me almost 2 years to figure that out.


I started doing this when I did reviews on my phone. I can select either qwerty or qwertz for my phone’s keyboard layout, so I can never remember where they “Y” button is. Sometimes is in the top row middle, and sometimes at the bottom left. When I type じょ, I make typos all the time. Now I just skipped the “Y” altogether and type “jo”.


Typing will make a lot more sense if you look at a typing chart aimed at Japanese people, like this for example:

(Source: ローマ字入力表(PDF)を印刷して使おう!小学生が使いやすいものを作成してみた|探究型プログラミング教室アルスクールのブログ)

Another example:


Yeah, I typed tsu and shi instead of tu and si for way too long. I never used jyu, only ever ju.

At first, I also had to keep looking up how to write any kana small by adding an x to it. So using xa to write something like ぁ instead of regular あ

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If it’s any consolation, I’ve seen some Japanese people do that as well :slightly_smiling_face:. Writing ちゃ as ‘tixya’ or ‘tilya’.

Maybe not exactly the same situation :thinking: but the fact that there’s multiple ways of typing with an IME means there’s probably someone doing it in a less standard way as well.


As others have mentioned, for things like つ→っ you would double the consonant of the following kana.
You will sometimes see nonstandard things like あ→ぁ for example, though usually more for effect. You can contract any kana by proceeding it with an ‘x’. So xa→ぁ.


Xtu can be used if you only need the small tsu

っ behold, small tsu be upon ye


Thanks for the great tip!

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Ohhh I had no idea you could use ‘x’ to type a small character! I only knew ‘l’ which I’m pretty sure I discovered by accident a couple years ago (random extra letters tend to make their way in while I’m typing - a combination of poor coordination and my brain working too fast for my fingers - though usually it’s ‘k’ for some reason)

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