Connection lost, refreshing page

Howdy. For the past couple of days, I’ve been getting an error during reviews: connection to WaniKani has been lost, refreshing page. Then it takes about 2-3 minutes to actually refresh while the Kangaeteiru icon spins…

I’ve been doing reviews on my phone with the AlliCrab app with no issues up until now, so I thought it was just the app and switched to the computer, but I’m still getting the same error. It’s not my internet, as everything else is fine, and my phone uses the cellular connection so that wouldn’t be it anyway.

It will still let me do all the reviews, but if I haven’t done both parts of the review, I have to do it over again after it refreshes. :confused: More review I guess… lol. Any ideas?


Been having lots of this issue today. I’m not entirely sure it’s my connection either, seems to be the site as other sites do load quickly.

I’ve had some issues too, got the “missing turtles” page a few times. @viet? Work on the site, or other stuff going on perhaps sir?

Last hour, this happen about 8 ~ 10 times here.

Same here. I was able to complete a couple of review sessions, but the site seems unstable

Hope the site servers are okay… stay with us WaniKani!!! lol


Oh, mighty Crabigator, don’t turn your back to us!

Happening to me too… and it’s not saving all of the reviews I’ve done either!

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Had the same issue the past hour or so.

Same here. Can’t really do my 200 reviews with it timing out every 5-10. Guess I’ll come back to it later

There was an update we pushed about 30 minutes ago, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. We will look into this now.


Oh dear! I hope it’s not…**shudder… Crabigator Poachers!!!

Same here as well! It wasn’t working a bit ago, but now it seems better?

Looks like we stabilized the traffic spikes. Is it working okay for everyone else?

I finished some extra reviews without any issues a few minutes ago, but just got the “Turtles nowhere to be seen” screen after I went to check

Just finished a review of 50 and the timeouts are still occurring

I’m having issues again too. It’s super slow and pages won’t load. It’s also timing out or something during reviews/lessons bc I’ll do them and then it says I haven’t.

Accessing from Japan and getting delayed loads of about 10-15 seconds, compared to normally 2-3. Had a couple discons in the last 30 minutes, but completed reviews showed up as done on the review page while half-completes were lost.

How about now? Looks like our throughput, response times, and error rates have normalized the last couple hours.

Just finished my reviews with no problems.