Can't review things, says I lost connection to Wanikani, but I can do lessons?

See title, please halp D:

Ty, Alan

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I have the same problem, I also cannot update my notes.

same! :frowning:

The maintenance is supposed to be over, right?
Can’t do my reviews :confused:

Same here! There wasn’t supposed to be any maintenance to the website today, was there?

Looks like theres problems on Wanikanis side rip

Me too, so it must be on their side. Maintenance was yesterday I’m pretty sure… I guess we’ll have to wait patiently :confused:

It seems to be ok now .-.

Yep, guess ill try to do my reviews before I go to sleep

oh yay! glad it was just a hiccup :slight_smile:

Koichi taketh and Koichi giveth

Working for me as well.

I tried to do my reviews and a crab claw came out of the monitor and cut my ethernet cable!


I hate it when that happends


There was a temporary hiccup with the server. It should be all happy and running again — and if you did reviews while the Crabigator was having a fit, try reloading the page. The reviews you did should be resubmitted.


And by temporary, I mean brief. About 8 minutes or so.


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