Wanikani website is slow

Anyone noticed that WK is slow now? I have strange messages stating that some data is loading.


Yup. It timed out on me just now, so I thought I’d pop over here to see if anyone else was experiencing any weirdness.

yeah, I got a connection lost during reviews, but so far it works after a refresh

Based on the title I expected this thread to be about early levels.


I’m also getting timed out during lessons

Right? That’s the first thought, but then I saw it’s posted in Bugs & Errors, so I thought something else is up.

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I suppose they must be doing some big work on the servers. Too bad the chat thing is off for the week-end.

I edited the title to remove the confusion.


It is back to normal for me now.

The problem has returned.

I just lost connection mid review too, but fine after a refresh

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I had an error message when I tried signing on - after a 2nd attempt everything seems ok.

same for me

Yeah, I thought it was just my internet acting up :confused:


Just got a 500, but it was back up a few seconds later. Might be my new userscripts.

Thank goodness it was not only me.

It is the site. Everybody has intermittent problems like this.

I’m having the same experience, it will load fine and then the next load is an error.

@koichi you’re our only hope now

I’ve had this for hours now.