"Something went wrong...." error when trying to review

WaniKani is really slow today and when I click Review the page barely loads and finally gives me the Something Went Wrong error, same when I just click Start Session. What do I do? T_T Nobody else seems to have this issue, it worked fine yesterday…

Yep, I have the same problem… I kept refreshing it every 5-10 reviews and got through them eventually… hopefully this is cleared up sometime soon.

It booted me out of my review due to lost connection aboot 7 minutes ago, and took 3 minutes to load the last half of my 50 reviews. Either a server issue, or random bad luck since my internet didn’t go down or slow at all.

Was doing it for me too was doing that for me too, but it’s now appeared to clear up.

Same problem here. Got booted out and had to refresh about 5 times for aroung 60 reviews. Haven’t experienced any connection trouble besides Wanikani.

It was being slow for me too, I got disconnected twice while doing my reviews about ten minutes ago. I had thought it was just my internet connection when it happened. Guess not.

Yeah, it started disconnecting every minute or so but it seems to have stopped now

It disconnect intermittently at my end.

It disconnects intermittently at my end.

same here

Seems better now

or… NOT

My god this is annoying. I’m guessing it’s some kind of server issue.

Happened to me to

Guess the mighty crabigator had enough of our prayers, time for a human sacrifice… any volunteers? Wonder where are all those “WK is too slow” when you need them?



Happened to me. It is annoying but you can actually continue doing your reviews with the lost connection message displayed over the top. Not the best, but if you’re near the end of your session, you can at least get it finished.

Yeah I keep getting the message that the turtle running WaniKani are missing. At least its a cute error message :stuck_out_tongue:

Double post

Oh no, a website is having a temporary hiccup.  Could be a WaniKani issue, could be their hosting partner.  Which, no hosting partner out there guarantees 100% uptime.  97%-99% usually.
So… a temporary, very minor, inconvenience… Lets all complain