Lost connection to WaniKani

Is anyone else getting lots of sudden “lost connection to wanikani” errors, doing your reviews/lessons?

It’s happened to me 3 or 4 times today, and I usually only see that if I don’t touch the computer for a while, during reviews. This is happening when I’m actively doing reviews, so only a second or so after pressing a key.


Yeah, I’m seeing some slowdown on the site on our end. I just got the alert and am trying a couple things. It “should” resolve in a couple minutes, but if it doesn’t, know we’re working on it.


I had this a few days ago, also.

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Indeed, a few days ago and now also.

Yeah, we’ve had a few more request timeouts happening recently. We’re looking into the root cause, but it’s one of those fun randomly intermittent problems. We’ll keep chipping away at it.

This morning’s issues should be resolved.


This has been happening to me off and on for the last month. When I emailed about it they suggested it could be due to my own internet. But now that you’re saying this I don’t think it is.

I love your profile picture!

That’s the worst. Good luck with that.

Thing is, it could be a mixture. Best not to assume and get your internet checked out anyway :+1:

My internet is fine. I knew that wasn’t the problem or I wouldn’t be here talking about it. :woman_shrugging:

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I didn’t realise I was talking to a genius :man_shrugging:


This problem is back. I’m losing connection to WaniKani after every few items, it makes reviews really difficult.


Yup, can confirm. Really annoying.

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What I have been doing is just ignoring the prompt and following with my reviews regardless.
It can be annoying at first, but at least you can avoid reloading the page and scrambling your reviews by doing so.


Just here to say it is a issue on my end as well. There has been some discomfort in the last month but today is an entirely different beast, forcing me to reload every 10 reviews or so

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I find it breaks my focus. I did power through it because there was about 20 reviews left, but having the problem after every 4 items would have made a bigger pile of reviews to annoying to be worthwhile.

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for me i can do lessons but not reviews

Also experiencing this right now.

Happening to me today pretty frequently.

It is also happening to me from today, during both reviews and lessons.

Same here today :frowning:

Right here, right now. Each eight or ten items, lost connection.