Wanikani timing out during reviews

This has never happened before today, where it tells me to refresh while I’m typing something in. It happened 4 times today over the course of a couple of hours. Usually I get the time out thing if I haven’t typed anything for a while, but today it was happening while I was in the middle of typing the meaning/reading. When I reviewed the last item, it also told me I “lost connection”, and had to refresh.

Obviously not a big deal, but I thought I’d make a post about it in case it has anything to do with the new update or something. I use a vpn, but I’ve been using it for the entire time I’ve been on Wanikani, wanted to mention it just in case it’s relevant.


I’ve disconnected three times in the last 10 minutes as well.

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It just happened to me too. Never had it before

It’s basically making the platform unusable right now and I’m trying to get my morning reviews done before work. :frowning:

Had the same issue for the last 30 minutes, reset my hub 3/4 times thinking it was me! :sweat_smile:

Happened to me too, just now

Yup. Happening here in south London. Tad annoying lol…Choice words spoken hehe!

Yup. Glad to hear it’s not just me. Trying to take a deep breath and recall that getting my reviews done is not a life or death thing.

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It’s been happening to me also, I’ve switched over to Flaming Durtles for now, and have set it to delay processing results so the impact is pretty much mitigated, and that I don’t suffer because my typing accuracy on android is garbage.

Also happening to me. Seems like its a backend issue.



Yeah that’s happened to me two or three times today. Thought it was just a me issue, but I guess there’s something up if others are getting it too

The system is down…
The system is down…

Work that glow stick, the cheat.


Same here. I had some minor timeouts today morning, but thought it’s my Internet. Now I’m on Ethernet and had like 5 disconnects over 50 review items.

It’s not all that bad, because WaniKani saves progress instantly and the worst that can happen is that my review items get reshuffled :slight_smile:

Just chiming in, but yes, I’ve also experienced time outs today. The ole servers’re gettin’ worked, haha.

Similar issue. DIdn’t get booted out, but I did some reviews and then took a two min break and wanted to start new reviews, but it says WaniKani isn’t working.

I was supposed to SRS level some kanji this hour, anyone know if WK will exclude the hours lost due to this issue?

Same. Didn’t seem to affect the reviews themselves, if I had done one side but not the other, then it timed out, it still counted the one side as done. I didn’t have to redo any. It just kept timing out.

working fine for me in Berkshire, UK :sweat_smile:

Yup, WK has been extremely unstable for the past few hours, at least since 1300 UTC here in central Europe. However, it’s not really that big of a deal, you just refresh every 10 reviewed items or so, but it’s not like you lose much progress, so it shouldn’t slow you down by more than 25%.

I’ve also had four or so timeouts this morning while going through my reviews.

I’m glad it’s happening on my day off as opposed to during my ten minute break at work that I would have on a normal weekday; it only really would have slowed me down then. I’m sure they’ll get it resolved fairly quickly.

Edit: I’m in the northwestern US at the moment, so I don’t know that it’s related to geography at all.