Can we please have a way to backup and redo a card?

My main frustration is when I’m cruising along and make some typo or insignificant error on a card and so get it marked red. There are way too many minor mistakes of this type for you guys to cover. It would be better just to allow clients the option to redo. It is extremely frustrating to get penalized for these sort of things.


This should provide what you want :slight_smile:

I don’t think they’ll ever provide this functionality within the core product, because it’s just too easy to abuse, but there are several different userscripts which will let you do that if you find it too frustrating.

I just consider it extra practice :wink:


nooooo you ninja’d me ;;


I expected the idea of “abuse” to come up, but what do you mean, people cheating themselves out of their own proper education? That’s up to them. Why should everyone be penalized because some people want to cheat their own selves?

This application is for proper elevating one’s understanding. If someone is just trying to race to 60 or otherwise fool themselves, they are hurting themselves. Does this have any real effect on others?


Thanks for the script, btw. I’m sure I’ll need to take a look at it.

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It may not, but it’s clearly not something that the creators agree with or want to make accessible by default. That’s why they allow mods to happen for people who want something that deviates from their core philosophy. Not everything WK decides is going to be liked by everyone.

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Of course it’s up to them, but self-control is hard :stuck_out_tongue: if you look around the forums you’ll find many a thread created by people who used some kind of override script with perfectly good intentions and ended up suffering.

They go to the effort of providing the public API so that people can make scripts. This way you can use a nice script to ignore your typos, and I don’t get tempted :wink:

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If I weren’t paying for this, I wouldn’t say anything. But as it happens, I am paying for it. Other services have this feature, which is why I inquire.

Okay and I explained why they don’t. It’s simply a choice they have made. You’re perfectly free to ask again, but since they have yet to include such a feature after years of people asking for it, it likely means they still won’t. Again, not every choice they are going to make is something that will be liked by everyone, that’s why they created the whole API and support userscripts like they have so that people can modify the site in ways that they themselves may not agree with being in the core product.

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Could the function not be optional? This would behoove those who have self-control issues.

It IS optional. You install the script if you want it.


Shhh! Don’t tell Radish8 that! Self-control is hard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, and the answer is still going to be the same no matter how many times you rehash the same statement. They have repeatedly stated ‘No’ to such requests. There’s no reason to believe they are going to change their mind. It’s no different to how they don’t allow you to skip content. It’s simply the philosophy they have chosen.

Again, not every choice they are going to make its going to be liked by everyone. That is why there are userscripts and the staff help support them.


Then stop paying for it if it’s that big of a deal because there is no indication that Koichi will ever change his mind on this.

Yes, and you were given an answer by myself and others. The answer is: People have asked and the staff has said ‘no’. What else do you want to hear? The reality of the situation is not going to change because of the fact that you repeat that you’re paying for the product. If you want the functionality you deserve, use a userscript. That’s your only option.

Have a good day. I’m muting this thread now.

You are paying to use software as it is, not to have something built to your specifications (that costs way more money). It’s fine to “inquire” but no need to be obnoxious with people who just try to help you by pointing out how you can achieve what you want without expecting the product to change instantly to your satisfaction.


I’d like to inquire as to why you presume that I, one of millions of paying customers, cannot demand that a functionality readily (and quite easily) provided for me by a member of the WaniKani community be a permanent allocation to the application. It’s clearly (pfft) a logical request.


If you’re referring to athomasm, I teased him because he was being obnoxious. See his second comment.

Hello straw man, I said nothing of the sort. And I’m quite happy to have learned about how I can access this function. It’s exactly why I started this thread. Thank you for those who provided useful information without getting upset that a newbie to the application such as myself even asked the question.

I’m more of a tin man.