Add on to mark cards as correct

Hello wonderful WK community:

I keep running into some small frustrating issues with the lack of flexibility WK has when marking the cards. Is there a way to mark an “incorrect” card as correct?

For example, I type “lift something up” for 上げる (they want the answer “lift something”). I’ve run into similar issues with a minor typo in English where i’ve just accidentally hit the wrong key next to the intended one.

It frustrates me that this sets me back time wise a little.

Would love to know if there’s something out there to mitigate this.

Thanks so much!

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Thank you so much! Truly appreciate you!


Well in this case you’re better off adding a synonym. Scripts will allow you to ignore your incorrect answer, but if you want to be able to type “lift something up” every time instead of typing “lift something,” getting the incorrect notice, having to clear the answer, and then redo the item… you should just be adding synonyms.

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The double check script is a lifesaver in cases of genuine typos, and I think it’s a must-have script for WK. I think there’s a reason third party WK mobile apps like Tsurukame already come with that kind of feature. But yeah I’m your case it sounds like you just need to add your own synonyms. Just be certain that the synonym you’re adding actually lines up with the accepted answers and isn’t a case of “close but not quite right” to the word or kanji (I know a lot of kanji and words can be somewhat broad in their meanings but I think you get the point.) This is why I use the feature rather sparingly myself since I’m afraid I might inadvertently add an inaccurate answer and screw myself up in the long run.

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Thank you so much everybody for the responses. Amazing as always! You all rock!

I will take on the advice of everybody and add synonym’s very sparingly, and get the double-check add-on for typos.

THANK YOU :pray: