Best way to knock out lingering leeches?

My memory is utter garbage and I tend to have a lot of lingering apprentice items after I level up. I’m on level 7 now and I still have a couple of apprentice items from level 2. And a few more from 3. And a few more than that from 4. And so on. My review counts are through the roof, of course, and I find that it’s hard to pick up new things with so many items that I struggle with peppered in between. It’s also hard to focus on improving weaknesses when there’s so much shiny new stuff to memorize.
Right now I’m considering not doing any more lessons until I have everything currently backed up to at least guru 1. Has anyone tried that before? Is there a better way to tackle a backup of lingering items? For some reason the leech scripts just don’t work when I try to add them (though every other script has worked), but I can see what’s left on each level with the wkstats website.


Some leech scripts are no longer maintained and don’t work anymore. Maybe the scripts you tried are in this category. The scripts I know will work are: