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So i’ve been having a good time with wk, the mnemonics have been mostly working out nicely. Lately though, for the last 2 levels I found myself having a really hard time recalling the mnemonics and any of the readings or even meanings of the new kanji. I feel really stupid tbh. Is this something that happens around the hell levels or just overall and it just catched up to me.

Also, hoping the paradise levels will live up to it’s name cause boy do the hell levels live up to theirs, constant 400+reviews, managing to keep the 7 days/lvl though :confused:

Personally I find it frequently helps me to remember kanji if I can find a word that I already know which uses that kanji.

Sounds like your speed is catching up to you. And if you have 400+ reviews a day, you probably have a lot of leeches. Unless you have a pressing reason to level up once a week, I recommend you spend some time not doing lessons to get your Apprentice pile more manageable. Once that’s under control, consider slowing down your level up time to maybe 10-14 days instead of 7.

Check out your leech count with this script:

Level up slower (or the same speed), but consistently by doing a set number of lessons each day:

I only had 200-250 reviews a day leveling up every 8 days. So yee, probably leeches. Feel free to slow down. Around 40 is where vocabulary starts to become more of an issue than kanji when you’re reading.

Unless you’re reading novels I guess. Then everything’s an issue.

Lately though, for the last 2 levels I found myself having a really hard time recalling the mnemonics and any of the readings or even meanings of the new kanji.

I feel like by the 30s the mnemonics become really bad as a whole.

400 reviews a day is pretty extreme. Maybe take a week break from lessons to try to get it down to 200 a day or less?

I’ve also had to make more of my own mnemonics for the past few levels; the default WK ones haven’t been sticking as well in my memory.

But I don’t have nearly as many reviews per day despite leveling about every 7 days, so maybe leeches are the culprit, like those above me have said. 400 sounds like a lot to handle, so unless you really want to just power through at your current speed, slowing down might be a good idea.

For lessons, I do only the radicals and possibly some of the kanji as soon as I level up, the study in chunks of 10-15 items at certain times of the day for the rest of the level’s duration. I find that keeps my reviews from being overwhelming, and I always finish the entire level’s lessons by the time all the kanji are guru’d.

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i agree. OP, i’d strongly recommend the keisei script if you’re not using it already.

it was around the 20s when i started paying attention to phonetic components, and in the 30s when i actively started using them to reinforce and/or supplant WK’s mnemonics. i’d think for example, ok, keisei tells me this is しょう, i don’t remember the story about the joker and thread, but, either (a) the shogun was involved…ah! i was introducing the joker to the shogun; or (b) i do remember a vocab word しょうかい… ah! “introduce”

also, the late 30s was the first time since single digits i broke my own 7/8-day pace to just calm down and deal with leeches, and came back feeling much refreshed. give it a shot.

I havel like 250 a day which is manageable, I just get lazy and postpone the reviews and lessons once every 5 lessons or so. I am in a hurry though so can’t really slow down

I have 330 aprrentice items, that’s the most i’ve ever had, maybe thats too many apprentice items? Unfortunately i cant slow down at all since im leaving for japan in 2 weeks, i feel obliged to learn as much as I can from wk, at least.

I know I’m a hundred years too early to empathize with this, but I felt the same thing for a bit so I looked around for something to help me memorize those kanji that don’t stick.

I use this neat method shared by Leebo. I made my own custom sheet with space for vocabs too and practice everything that I feel I’ll have a hard time remembering. It’s boosted my average accuracy from like 80% to an easy 95%.

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