Best apps to handle Leeches?

The big sticky has lots of them, but most of the ones that mention leech in the name or description are not maintained and don’t really work.

I got [Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown which helpfully displays how many leeches I have in a good way, but not what they are.

What tools are you using to stomp pesky leeches? I’d prefer to not install megahuge scripts that do a lot of other things as I am wary of information overload.

Well, you might wanna take a look at my study blog as leech squashing is what I’ve done most over there. I mainly use the Item Inspector, Self-Study Quiz and the Shin Wanikani Leech trainer. You can find links to them all on my blog as well.

I try to be consistent about going at the leechs. Like one or two sessions per week, however much I can manage. Just to keep the numbers down.

But, I also do bigger review sessions from the Item Inspector (quiz entire table of leeches vs quiz only current page I’m on). So I sort of alternate between those approaches. And just using the Item Inspector to read through the list of leeches. ^^

Good luck fighting those leeches! :+1:


Item Inspector can display a list of your leeches in a table on the dashboard.

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