What should I do about Leeches?

My list of leeches is incredibly long and I don’t know what to do about it, do I just wait and see and hope or is there something I should actually do?

Put salt on them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe come up with a mnemonic for them that resonates better with you than whatever Koichi came up with. Give us a few examples? Let’s see what we can do with them.


I highly recommend the self study quiz, in combination with leech - training.

Just do it from time to time in between your reviews and watch your leeches gradually disappear! :smiley:

only to be replaced by new ones, of couse…

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They tend to go away after you have smashed your head against the wall enough times.
I generally show my critical condition items a little more love and it helps at least for a while.
Ultimately its not a big deal.

You dont “need” to do anything about them, as the SRS will do its thing.
But you can do some extra reviewing of them, maybe even write them out by hand.
If you are getting them wrong because you confuse them with others take note of the similarities and also what sets them apart.

You can choose to manage workload by number of apprentice and/or guru items in which case progress gets slowed automatically in order to treat leeches and keep them from piling.

Bottom line is, you can do something about them, but you absolutely do not have to.
It all depends how fast and diligently you want to use WK as a study tool.


that’s a nice cruel thought but i think the goal is actually to set them on fire and burn them :fire:

other than that i pay leeches no mind as i’m also in the camp of “let the SRS sort it out”. if i notice during a review that i fail an item really often i try to make up a new mnemonic (or one at all - i don’t usually use mnemonics) or in case of kanji i learn one or two vocab items that contain it to give it more context.


Eat them, they are delicious!

Oh no, wait, that’s lychees…


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