Okay so I may have reset again

About once a year I hit a wall, and 6-9 months later will try again.

I hate resetting but sometimes you just have to. I dropped down by 3 levels, and whilst at first I felt almost guilty, the relief I did so is stronger. Taking the time to revise the older kanji I knew has been a huge help whilst I get back into the rythm of things,

It was a rough run, I was away with work last summer then got sick for a few weeks and took a bit to recover. That alone was enough to put me into review hell, and knock me out of my rhythm. My previous eagerness to learn meant I had flooded my reviews in a pace I couldn’t keep on top of. Whilst some would call 600 a day possible, for me it was a nightmare.

For any fellow resetters - do you ever get past that block? Is it possible to get past double digits?


Are you burning out or just getting unlucky with other stuff in life knocking you back a bit?

If it’s the first one, you could try doing lessons much slower than you have done previously which might increase your longevity.


It was mostly life. We were trying to move house, had some major work issues and a few other bits at the same time, so I couldn’t get in the right headspace. Everything in life is back to normal now though! :smiley:


Sounds like just keep going and try again, you’ll be surprised how much you actually remember from the first/second time around!

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Haha, I’m finally here after almost a year gap.

996 reviews pending, and it feels like I forgot everything.
this is going to be fun. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I reset twice around level 8 or 9 (both times I reset to 0) and since then I’m moving far past where I’d gotten before, so it’s definitely possible to reset and get over that wall. I feel I have clearer goals now, which is what’s kept me on the straight and narrow.

I imagine that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for others, but for me making a plan and sticking with it was the key ingredient.

Also, if you’re not doing it already, I’d use something like KameSame along with WaniKani, which prompts you with the English vocabulary and you have to produce the Japanese (so it’s pretty much the opposite of WaniKani).

Tke it one step at a time, once you get back into things it’s surprising how much you will begin to remember again. It takes a few days but suddenly you will fly through!

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Thank you for the tip! I will take a look into it, sounds handy for helping your writing skills rather than reading!

It’s nice to hear that someone else reset a few times and is now way deeper into it all than me! Makes getting further seem much more achievable!

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I first reset when I got to level 12. I had put vacation mode on and when I came back, I had forgotten the last two levels, so I reset to 10. After struggling for a while, I reset to level 9.

As you can see, I spent over a year total just on level 10. But once I really got going again and got past level 12, it’s been steady. The big thing for me was slowing down lessons. I used to try to do 20 lessons a day. Now, I do 5 - 10.

I’m so proud f you for pushing through!! 5-10 is around what I do, I tend to cap it off completely if I have 75-80 apprentice level stuff in review so I don’t get overwhelmed. Every day is a struggle to battle the mountain of lessons so it’s at 0, but I know I will just get myself in a bad place for when I start burning

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