Axazel Turns 60 (With Pictures 🎨)

It’s finally happened!

I started Wanikani when I was working in a tea shop in Boston 7 years ago. I didn’t want to learn Japanese to talk with anyone… I just wanted to be able to read my favourite manga!

Since then, I got my first studio animation job… met who would eventually become my husband… lived in Japan for over 3 years… was hired by a Japanese company after moving to the UK.

Wanikani has been one of the few constants throughout so many of these major life changes. Japanese language is now woven into all aspects of my daily life, and I have Wanikani and all of you guys here on the forum to thank for that.

When @Redglare started the first “read everyday challenge” I was so fortunate to stumble across it. This was the very first time that I read an actual book in Japanese. This challenge ultimately gave me so much confidence around, increased my understanding of, and just brought a lot of joy to my Japanese learning.

I love the mail you get every time you level up. When I think about the mail I just received being my last, I get a little choked up.

I also love the book clubs, and will surely be joining them into the future!

• Take the JLPT N2.
• Learn to write Kanji.
• Apply for studio work in Tokyo.
• Clear all of my reviews… especially the leeches.

please wish me luck :pleading_face:

I don’t regret taking my time making it through Wanikani. After doing a few lessons I would dive back into a new adventure in my life, wherein each new kanji would come to life in unexpected ways around me!

If I could do this all over again, I think I would go at the exact same pace and would keep the same schedule (doing my reviews every morning right after I wake up and before falling asleep).


Thank you to all of those who chatted with me along the way, and to those took time to look at this now. If I forgot anything, or if you are curious about anything in particular, let me know and I’ll be happy to share!


Congrats on reaching level 60!! :partying_face: :partying_face:

The illustrations are lovely, especially the cake! So I guess it isn’t a lie after all, if digital cake counts too :person_shrugging:

I wish you luck with your N2 exam and a bunch of fun on your ever continuing journey!


Thank you!! :laughing: :sparkles:

After 6 years, I was gonna get cake one way or another haha

I really appreciate your support, and wish you all the same on your journey too! After I finish studying for the exam, I hope to join you in the bookclubs :durtle_noice:


Congratulations on level 60!! :cake:
It is so amazing how wanting to read a manga in the original language led to many new encounters in your personal and professional life! I hope to also reach level 60 before the end of this year.
Good luck with your N2 exam and the other parts of your Japanese journey! :raised_hands:



Even though with my low level I still practice reading native materials anyways lol. I hope to one day get to level 60 just like you so reading can become a breeze.


I know right?! You never know what’s next in life. Everyday is the same until one day it isn’t :sweat_smile: Sometimes I get dizzy wondering how different my life would be right now if I’d decided to learn French instead :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!! I’m really nervous and excited to be reaching for my dreams.

I’ll be cheering for you as well :sparkles:



I wish I had started reading early the way you are now! It’s not a breeze for everyone at 60 I think, but if you keep reading the whole time — for you it will be :wind_chime::sparkles:

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Congratulations! :tada:

What does your lessons heatmap look like?

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I didn’t even realise I could toggle between reviews and lessons on the heatmap!
Thanks to you, I’ve added it to the post above :smile:


Congratulations! :birthday:

Good luck! :smile:


wow, the big SIX-O!


you are a true inspiration to all the newcomers and veterans alike

your artistic skills are nothing to scoff at either

good luck with all your future endeavours



I love the art! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :woman_artist: I think you’ve done a great job in getting to that final stage and deserve all the cake! :birthday:


Thank you for sharing your learning experience and story! Mastering a new language definately takes people on an unplanned journey!

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