Audio Quitz, does it exists already?

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I tried to search on the database but didn’t find an useful answer.

During my study time I thought it could be useful to practice more Japanese audio recognition skills using the huge amount of audio data available on WaniKani.

Maybe some developer already did something using these data.

The idea is an Audio Quitz where you hear the sound of a kotoba and you type the meaning,
if you are able to remind …

I think it could be useful to train memory and ability to remind the vocabulary

What’s your thoughts?

It would be great if I could answer without typing but just pronunciating in the answer by voice… I am not lazy writing but I could practice even when doing house clearning :slight_smile:

Happy to hear your feedback

I think [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz has such a function, but I’ve never used it myself.

I don’t know about such an audio quiz, but for the “without typing” part, there is something called LipSurf which does what you envision. There should be some information in the forums about it as well. Only caveat is that it’s not free afaik.

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