Script or some such for audio to reading quizs

I’m a person with a moderate hearing loss which can make it difficult for me to discern sounds. But I’m working on improving my listening skills despite that both in English and in Japanese. I tried the self-study script recently, and discovered they had an option for audio-to-reading questions. I believe this could help me tremendously. I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to listening skills so this is something that is important for me to work on.

Obviously, I could keep using this script, but I’m after something like Kani-Wani with its own SRS for audio to reading questions.

Cheers, and thank you for your time.

Would this search of yours be limited to Wanikani or is mentioning other platforms fine too? has Core 10k (top 10000 most frequent words in Japanese) has audio reviews available for both words and sentences. So you can get quizzed on both the vocabulary being learned and on the example sentence that belongs to that same word.

Front of the card:

Back of the card:

This deck also has more reviewing options available, like Japanese → Meaning/Reading (like Wanikani) and English → Japanese (like Kaniwani). It’s a subscription-based platform, however. It offers 14 days of free trial and the user experience looks very familiar to those accustomed to the WK style of learning.

This deck has quite a lot of frequently used vocab not used on Wanikani, so it ends up being a great complement for it.

I do advise keeping the focus on WK because kanji will give you a great foundation to learn vocabulary and understand words through listening :slight_smile:

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