Is there anyway to do audio lessons?

I need more practice with audio/listening training and would love to have this on my phone.

On my computer, I use the Self Study Quiz to do audio reviews.

Is there any way to play the audio first to guess from?

I tried Flaming Durtles app but it doesn’t have that option. WaniKani on mobile also doesn’t. The Torii app has great audio learning however it doesn’t sync with Wanikani account. I have an Android and using Chrome (or could use Firefox).

I read that I might be able to install tapermonkey on my phone and then use the Self Study Script in the Firefox app; however, the “Install on Firefox” button is greyed out.

Has anyone been able to install the Self Study Quiz script on their phone? Or other option to do audio training?

My only option/work-around is to go through the reviews on Wanikani in the browser, and press the drop-down so can see the audio buttons, then to press those - all while squinting so as to avoid seeing the vocab.

I’ve not used the Self Study script, or tried to do audio reviews like yourself, but I do use other scripts on my android phone through Kiwi browser.

It allows you to use Tampermonkey and scripts (at least all of the ones that I’ve tried), so I’m assuming that the Self Study one should work too.

Worth a shot!


Works on Kiwi Browser + ViolentMonkey, but I can’t scroll left or right, so can’t edit settings.

And I can’t open dialog at all (Sidebar’s Scripts >> Open, Settings) on “Desktop site” – @rfindley regarding wkof and this script’s css?


Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll try it out and report back if works

oh cool! I’ll try this out too and report back.

Audio training is half, if not, more important than reading training so hopefully works

Oh you’re right, darn. I got the Kiwi browser, and then was able to install tampermonkey. Then went to Wanikani and see the Self Study Quiz script now. But the quiz window is cut off. I can enter the answer and press enter, but can’t go the next one. When I rotate the phone to landscape, I can see the next arrow so could do that but then would have to go back and forth between portrait and landscape.

Perhaps it is a fix @rfindley might be able to do so can use this great script on mobile (instead of lugging my laptop). Maybe could make the window full screen or be able to scroll on it or something.

If not, I will still use it because I don’t need to type in answers on the Self Study Quiz. I just use the Self Study Quiz for audio training - so will just keep my phone in landscape mode I suppose (so that I can see the next arrow) and then just keep pressing the next arrow until I get to a word that I don’t know what it is. So am really glad to hear of this solution. Thank you! But I hope you find a way to use it how you use it


An alternative to the Self-Study Quiz script could be to use the Self Study functionality provided by Reorder Omega to create your own study sessions within the native WK Extra Study interface and then use the Extra Study: Audio Quiz script to turn your Self Study session into audio questions. I have just tested it and both scripts seem to work sufficiently well in the Kiwi browser.


Wow, great suggestion, thank you! I will actually use that instead of the Self Study Quiz as that cuts off to much.


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