At what point do lessons become reviews?

Hi, first time poster and apologies in advance as I’d imagine answer is floating around here but I’ve missed it.
Just wondering if your stagger new lessons over a period of days (ie I’ve just got 106 for level 8) say at 15-20 a day, and you still do ongoing reviews, I assume these new lessons only come up as reviews when you’ve quizzed them?
In terms of the ‘new unlocks in the last 30 days’ list, do they just appear from top to bottom in the list, ie if say I have only done 5 lessons, they will be the top five items on list?
No doubt I’m missing something but wouldn’t it be clearer if that unlocked list also had a little ‘q’ to designate if you’d quizzed an item? Just so then you readily know what can appear on a review list?

Yeah reviews timing are individual. If you unlocked 2 kanji at the same time and did one lesson today and one lesson tomorrow, you’d get your reviews for the first one before the second one.

Items in the new unlocks list appear when you unlock them (from completing prerequisites) not from doing the lessons.

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I assume these new lessons only come up as reviews when you’ve quizzed them?

Yes, you need to correctly answer the lessons in the quiz that comes up after the lesosns, in order to move them from the lesson queue into the review queue.

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Thanks for the answers so far. It was as I assumed that the unlocks don’t go into reviews until you quizzed them.

But I am still confused as to how they appear in your unlock list. So I have 106 new items in the unlocked list and have done 20 of them in quizzes. I like to go back to the unlock list to keep studying the 20 ones I have quizzed but they seem to be in random order with the other 86? That was my point about a marker to show on that list what had been quizzed already. What am I missing?

I think if you want to review only the ones you’ve completed the lessons of so far, it would be better to go the your specific level (from the top of the dashboard, under Levels) and look at your items from there. Ones not unlocked will be greyed out. There will still be items you haven’t done the lessons of yet unlocked there, but at least they’ll be arranged in alphabetical order and by type (radical/kaniji/vocabulary) so that you can study in a more organized way.

Thanks. That clears it up.

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